Information about candyPet Martingale Collars


In candyPet® you will find a wide range of Martingale collars for your dog, either Greyhound or any other breed.

We are a company in constant innovation, following the highest standards of quality and originality.


What is it and how is it different between a Martingale collar from a normal one?


The Martingale Dog Collar of candyPet®, are made of two strips of nylon, in our case lined on both sides with cotton fabric (to minimize friction with the neck), and joined by welded metal buckles. In addition to give them greater resistance have reinforced seams.

Uses a semi-choke, with the advantage that it does not damage the dog because the width of the collar.

Also known as "Anti-escape Collars" because it is almost impossible to escape a Martingale set correctly.

It is ideal for breeds of dogs that have the long narrow head with the neck, such as greyhounds or hounds. But they can be used perfectly in any breed.


How to correctly choose the size of Martingale Collar?


You have to take the measures of the diameters A and B, as shown in the accompanying drawing.






    Measure A: Contour Head

     Around the widest part of the head just above the ears.

     This measure is important because the collar should enter through this point.

     Measure B: Neck Contour

     Around the middle of the neck.




Once the measures taken, we must choose the size in which the diameter is measured. Our collars feature the following sizes:

  • 4 cm Width :
    • Size 1: 30 cm to 40 cm
    • Size 2: 30 cm to 50 cm

  • 5 cm Width :
    • One size: 30 cm to 50 cm


  • 2 cm Width:
    • One size: 25 cm to 35 cm
  • 4 cm Width:
    • One size: 30 cm to 55 cm