• 100% top quality cotton fabric with exclusive designs
  • Reinforced seams and welded buckles for your pet's safety.
  • Valid for any breed of dogs.
  • It is ideal for breeds of dogs such as greyhounds or podencos
  • Handmade in Spain


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The Martingale collars of candyPet®, are collars formed by two nylon ribbons, in our case lined on both sides with cotton fabric (to minimize friction with the neck), and joined by welded metal buckles. In addition to give them greater strength they have reinforced seams. It uses a semi-hanging system, with the advantage that does not harm the dog due to the width of the collar. Also known as "Antiescape collars", because it is almost impossible to escape a properly adjusted Martingale. It is ideal for breeds of dogs that has the head as narrow with the neck, such as greyhounds or podencos. But they can be used perfectly in any breed of dogs.


You can see in information nun video explanatory how to correctly place a Martingale dog collar from candyPet®. Due to the use of 100% cotton, and the characteristics of the fabric it is inevitable that it will suffer some wear and tear over time. But there are other factors that can cause a deterioration of the material: how much the dog throws away, how active it is and how exposed the product remains to the elements. For this reason we are not responsible for any deterioration that may result from the use, as well as any damage caused by any carelessness or misuse of our products.

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